Monday, November 30, 2009


It is an open secret that the Maoist-TMC armed goons and rapists have created a reign of terror in Nandigram, Khejuri, Khanakul, Lalgarh, Jangalmahal, Jhargram, Birbhum, Mangalkote, Purulia, Bankura and other parts of West Bengal with the help of perverted intellectuals, a section of media and right reactionary forces.

It is most unfortunate that surrendering to the pressure of Mamata Banerjee, the Union Government has decided to send a central team to assess law and order situation in West Bengal particularly in Khanakul. This is clearly in gross violation of the basic tenets of federalism. The impartiality, integrity and neutrality of this team are already under doubt. The one and only one purpose of sending this ‘so-called’ fact finding committee is nothing but to malign the Left Front Government in West Bengal in order to satisfy the whims and arrogance of Mamata Banerjee.

It is an open secret that the Maoist-TMC goons under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee have been trying at their best to create serious problems of law and order throughout the state to pave way for the imposition of President’s Rule in the name of breakdown of law and order. Almost all the victims are CPI (M) leaders, cadres and supporters.

Today Mamata Banerjee desperately supports all sorts of disruptive and terrorist forces to gain political mileage. She supports Maoists, Gorkha Janamukti Morcha, Kamtapuri People’s Party, Adivasi Bikash Parishad, Greater Coochbihar, Kamtapuri Progressive Party and other separatist & communal forces with eyeing to the chair of the chief minister.

If the committee is really neutral and impartial, it must meet all parties irrespective of political affiliation, visit all troubled spots including Lalgarh, Junglemahal, Nandigram, Khejuri, Mangalkote and other disturbed places and areas where the Maoist-TMC alliance has unleashed a reign of terror and talk to people from all walks of life including those who have been raped and guardians of those who were raped and killed by Maoist-TMC goons. They should also meet the dependants and guardians of all who have been murdered by them. If they don’t do so, they will not be able to reach a logical and reasonable conclusion.

Till 2006 the Left Front had won repeatedly majority of seats in assembly, parliament and other local self-government organizations. But there were never problems of law and order as the state witnesses now. During all these 32 years people lived peacefully. But with the winning of majority seats by TMC-Congress-SUCI alliance the picture has changed completely. It is needless to mention that Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI have thrown the entire state into the furnace of murder, lawlessness, anarchy and disorder.

Only one example of their misdeed and lawlessness is sufficient enough to corroborate the same. How are the people of Nandigram and Khejuri now?

Aleya Bibi of Jadubarichak of Nandigram is shelterless for last 13 months. Her children donot go to school. Her cultivation remains stopped. She is jobless. Maoist-TMC goons are ready to allow her to return to her ancestral home on condition that she has to pay a huge amount of money as fine and she has to participate in the political activities of the Maoist-TMC alliance.

Mohammad Saha and Jakir Saha of Garchakrabedia of Nandigram informed that they had to leave their ancestral homes at night of 10th November 2008 in one cloth. Thereafter they could not return to Nandigram. The Maoist-TMC criminals threat that if they dare return to Nandigram, they have to face the fate of Niranjan Mondal and Khalek Mallik. It is relevant to point out that Niranjan Mondal, a school teacher, was the Secretary of the CPI (M), Kalicharanpur Local Committee. He was murdered brutally in front of his school. Similarly, Khalek Mallick was murdered at Hajrakanta by cutting his veins.

Hundreds of poor innocent people evicted from Nandigram and Khejuri pass their days in refugee camps at Haldia and other places. Their only fault is that they are supporters of the CPI (M).

In one such refugee camp at Haldia, there are 284 persons. They live bundled together in one room. There are 92 women and 72 children. Among 72 children, there are 41 girls. None of the 72 children go to school. They are surviving anyhow with the financial assistance from the workers and citizens of Haldia.

Nearly 5000 people of Nandigram and Khejuri are shelterless. Most of them now live in different refuges camps at Haldia and other places. 2375 people of Nandigram have been forced to leave their ancestral homes whereas in Khejuri about 2500 people have left. Most amongst them are old people, women, children and babies. After the victory of Maoist-TMC alliance at Janaka and Nichkasaba Gram Panchayats in Khejuri, 264 and 232 people had to flee. Apart from this, 207 people from Hedia, 159 from Lakhi, 175 from Birbandar, 198 from Kamarda, 235 from Kalagachia, 184 from Tikashi, 374 from Khejuri, 198 from Haludbari and 274 from Baratala have fled their ancestral homes.

Union Minister Sisir Adhikari and his son Subhendu Adhikari have created a reign of terror at Khejuri with the help of armed Maoist-TMC murderers. Crores of rupees in the form of levy and fine are being collected from the people. About 2500 people from two blocks of Khejuri have been rendered homeless and shelterless.

Even no party other than TMC is allowed to work in Nandigram and Khejuri. The Congress Party wanted to bring out a peace procession in the wake of the murder of TMC leader Nishikanta Mondal. But the TMC goons foiled the same forcibly.

Since 8th June 2009 more than 40 offices of the CPI (M) have been either torched or captured by Maoist-TMC goons. 834 persons have been driven out of Khejuri for being supporters of the CPI (M). Maoist-TMC criminals raped Anjali Maiti of Kalamdan village under Tikashi Gram Panchayat continuously for seven days taking advantage of the absence of her husband, who being a CPI (M) supporter had fled to save his own life. Apart from this, two more women have also been subjected to rape in the meantime.

Both father and son Sisir Adhikari and Subhendu Adhikari have declared openly that they would not allow red flag to unfurl in Nandigram and Khejuri.

Subhash Maiti of Janaka and Subrata Dhali of Kalagachia have been paralyzed as a result of inhuman torture of TMC-Maoist goons. 425 houses of poor people have been either torched or razed to ground. The cultivation of 620 families has been stopped.

Thursday, November 26, 2009




“In a hard hitting speech on the Maoist Role in India Today, Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), denounced the Indian Maoists, “warped and outmoded world view” and their terrorist acts against political activists and officials of the state. Suggesting that the essence of Maoist ideology and polity today is that they are divorced of reality”, Karat called for the isolation of the Maoists by fighting them “politically, organizationally and ideologically”. The discussion was organised by a group of individuals under the banner of “Left-view” in New Delhi on November 6, 2009. Prabir Purkayastha of Delhi Science Forum chaired the programme.


Prakash Karat mentioned that ultra-Left sectarianism has existed for more than 40 years in India and the Maoists have refused to learn lessons from the past. The Maoists continue to repose faith in concepts borrowed wholesale from the Communist Party of China in a period when it was itself in the grip of Left sectarianism and adventurism during the so-called Cultural Revolution. The outmoded and warped ideology of the Maoists thus continues to term India as a “semi-feudal, semi-colonial country and deny the strong capitalist base of the Indian state, the development of capitalism in agriculture, and has no place in its politics for the working class. Despite claiming to represent the peasantry, the Maoists have been unable to build up any major peasant movement, limiting their activities to remote and backward tribal dominated areas where, taking shelter in this type of terrain, it is possible to maintain or sustain to some extent armed squads and guerrillas. Paying lip service to the peasantry, the Maoists are engaged only in a violent war against the state, attacking its officials, the police, and the also the representatives of other political parties. Maoist actions are limited to the violent methods, which their armed squads resort to and, after receiving setbacks in Andhra Pradesh, they have squeezed themselves in a geographic area that adjoins Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand and three districts in West Bengal bordering Jharkhand.

Commenting on the deliberate and violent attacks on the cadre of the CPI (M) in West Bengal, where nearly 70 of them were recently killed in continuing attacks, Prakash Karat said that this was not a new phenomenon. The Naxalites, particularly in the years between 1970 and 1971, were directly responsible for the murder of 350 people associated with the CPI (M), taking part in a pincer attack. They were then a part of the concerted violent campaign unleashed by the ruling Congress against the CPI (M), which claimed lives of nearly 1200 cadres and sympathizers of the party. The collusion between the Trinamul Congress and the Maoists today is therefore reminiscent of the 1970s, which saw the unleashing of widespread violence against the CPI (M), he said.

Prakash Karat attacked the Maoist claims of “successful boycotts of elections” in West Bengal. He pointed out that in the epicentre of recent violence in the Jhargram constituency (of which Lalgarh was part), the CPI (M) won by the highest margin of votes in the backdrop of CPI (M) suffering losses elsewhere in the state. The tribal voters enthusiastically voted for the CPI (M) in other constituencies as well in West Bengal. Even in other areas, where the Maoists called for a boycott, the people voted in large numbers, Karat said. He called into question their politics, suggesting that even in areas where the Naxalite movement was relatively strong, as in Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh in the past, there existed no movement led by the Maoists or any support for them today. He pointed out that the cycle of violence started off by the Maoists only invited a vicious state response, which affected the very people whom the Maoists claimed to represent, and this phenomenon was very true to day as well. After the Maoists’ violent actions and state response, the tribal people are finding themselves in the worst situation possible, he said.


Calling into question the centre’s paramilitary response to the Maoists, he said that the centre should not deal with the Maoists in the same manner as it does with terrorist organizations such as the Laskhar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad or Harkut-ul-Jihadi-Islami (HUJI). He said that the security actions that were planned by the centre, according to media reports, would end up targeting the tribal people only, as the Maoists would slip away and expose the tribals to the repression of the state paramilitary forces. Instead, he said that the Maoists had to be fought ideologically, politically and organizationally, as the CPI (M) had done and was doing in West Bengal. The Maoists have to be tackled administratively wherever they are engaging in wanton violence but a purely militaristic solution would lead to disaster, he said.

Secondly, the centre has suggested that it recognizes the socio-economic problems of the people in areas where the Maoists are influential and the prime minister pointed out recently it is necessary to implement the Forest Rights Act for the tribals. However, it is glaring that the centre is refusing to acknowledge the roles of its mines and minerals policy in those areas. Pointing out that the neo-liberal policies have opened the tribal habitats to depredations of the big mining companies, leading to the displacement, loss of livelihood and traditional habitats of the tribal people. Karat called for reversal of such neo-liberal policies and for the implementation of a socio-economic programme in these regions. The centre has to ensure that the tribal people are not deprived of their elementary rights. In its stead, development should mean that the tribal people remain in their traditional habitats where they can find work, apart from the basic rights and facilities that a state should deliver to all its citizens including roads, education health etc. This, he said, would negate the very claims of the support base the Maoists have built on the grievances of the tribals in those regions.

Prakash Karat pointed out that the outright hostility of the Maoists towards the CPI (M) was visible not only in West Bengal but also in other places like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh where party cadres are being deliberately targeted for annihilation. He said that the Maoists are indulging in these activities with the explicit belief that “elimination” of the CPI (M) is necessary for them to advance. But the CPI (M) would fight back ideologically, organizationally and politically by winning over the support of the poor, he said. He mentioned that sections of the urban intelligentsia had a romantic understanding of the Maoist activities, despite their violent methods. Thus, it is necessary to confront and engage with them to make them realize the futility of the Maoist politics, its inability to raise issues that matter to the people or its inability to work on alternative people friendly models of socio-economic development – an agenda that has been taken up by the organised Left in the country.

Lastly, Prakash Karat said that these were difficult times when the opportunist political opposition in West Bengal, led by Trinamul Congress had joined hands with the Maoists in bringing about physical attacks against and to eliminate the CPI (M). This they are doing to destabilize the Left Front Government in the state. Karat emphatically said that the CPI (M) will overcome this opportunist collusion by intensifying its democratic resistance and movement.”

Saturday, November 14, 2009


When YSR died in an aerial mishap, every body condoled the death and paid tributes. But not surprisingly, it provided another occasion to expose the dual face of Maoist ‘intellectuals’. It all started when N. Venugopal, nephew of Virasam (frontal organization of Maoists) leader Varavararao, who is an important leader after his uncle, narrated his close association with the late Chief minister in a graphic way.

Venugopal who is also a journalist stated that YSR has shown him the other face of a factional politician. He recalled how warmly YSR took his case when he was arrested. The Maoist writer who is utterly opposed to “parliamentary politics” also confessed that his organization did the electoral survey for YSR before the last election. Suffice it to mention in conclusion, Venugopal fondly recalled the ‘Karasparsa’ (hand shake) of YSR. Even s the article shook some people Ranganayakamma, noted writer, came down on the duplicity of his credentials. Pani representing Virasam distanced from the article and announced his suspension. Later Venugopal apologized in the same paper in a round about the manner and Ranganayakamma once again attacked this so-called apology. One more senior journalist associated with Virasam also clarified his tributes to YSR that led to confusion. One organiser of an NGO did the same and published an explanation.

To cap it all, Vangapandu Prasadrao, balladeer known like Gaddar, retuned his famous song on Srikalulam struggle in praise of YSR. Again it led to serious criticism, but he struck to his position. Several readers through letters to the newspaper lament the fall of revolutionary phrasemongers but it is no surprise given their track record. The recent example is being Lalgarh. One more interesting point is, Vanaja, a close companion of Venugopal received an award for her story on Jnatana Sarkar in Dankaranya, from the hands none other than prime minister Manmohan Singh who incidentally declared Maoist extremism as the main danger facing the nation. Though it happened some time ago, the line up is there for everybody to see. Isn’t it?


The one and only one aim of Mamata Banerjee is to become the Chief Minister of West Bengal anyhow and at any cost. She cannot wait till the assembly elections scheduled to be held in 2011. With the passage of each day she is becoming more and more impatient and intolerant. So, she wants to advance the assembly elections as much as possible. She has, therefore, taken the help of anti-national Maoist terrorists and hardened criminals to create serious problems of law and order in the state. The Maoists on her behalf have been taking recourse to murder, arson, loot, train hijacking, extortion and other criminal activities in Lalgarh and in other parts of the state. Medha Patkar, Mahasweta Devi and their ‘so-called’ intellectual friends and the politically motivated media as well as ‘pseudo’ human rights activists have been openly propagating in her favour. All of them including the Maoists want to see a Fascist as the next Chief Minister of West Bengal replacing a Communist. This does not end here. They have also been encouraging and inciting the Maoists and her hooligans to deteriorate the law and order situation so as to pave way for imposition of Article 356 as early as possible to destabilize a constitutionally elected state government and advance the assembly elections.

In the meantime, the Maoists along with TMC have already butchered hundreds of innocent people mostly belonging to tribal and the Muslim community. They have been trying to throw the entire state into total lawlessness and anarchy. The so-called intellectuals have not yet uttered a single word to condemn brutal murders of tribals and Muslims.

The present spate of violence taking place in Hooghly, Burdwan, Bankura, West Midnapur and other districts of the state are nothing but a part and parcel of the same game plan and conspiracy hatched by Mamata Banerjee, Maoists, ‘pseudo’ intellectuals, politically motivated media and ‘so-called’ human rights activists.

It is widely apprehended that Mamata Banerjee and her gang will increase the violence with the advent of the assembly elections. If the people donot foil this conspiracy in time, there is much agony in store for them.

“CHATRADHAR’S CONFESSIONS CONFIRM COMPLICITY” by Debashis Chakraborty (People’s Democracy October 4, 2009)

Chatradhar Mahato’s arrest and interrogation have only revealed those very things, which the people in Jangalmahal, the forest areas of three western districts of West Bengal knew from the very beginning. On the process, reports in the media about the confessions of Mahato have created political ripples and paradoxical reactions from a section of the intelligentsia.

What are the truths that have been exposed?

First, the “People’s Committee against Police Atrocities” was formed by the Maoists, primarily to cordon off an area out of the bounds for police and administration. It was done in November 2008 after police began to search for the culprits involved in landmine blast in Shalboni. The mine-blast was designed to kill Chief Minister when he was returning from stone-laying ceremony of the proposed steel plant in Shalboni. Chatradhar Mahato revealed that top Maoist leaders of the area were present in the meeting where the committee was formed. Gradually, the committee followed the dictums of the Maoists and expanded its work from digging roads to attacking CPI (M) cadres and sympathizers. In Lalgarh agitation was not at all any spontaneous outburst of the tribals, as it was depicted in a section of the media; it was, rather, a well-planned disturbance to create a conducive atmosphere for the Maoists to consolidate their own base.

Secondly, the committee acted as a comfortable platform for the Maoists and Trinamool Congress to work together. In almost every village where a ‘branch’ of the committee was formed, both the active members of the Maoists and TMC worked in unison. In many places, the houses of local TMC leaders were used as meeting places and shelters for committee and Maoist cadres. Chatradhar himself claimed that he used to maintain links with state level TMC leaders as frequently as he did with the Maoist leaders in West Midnapur.

Thirdly, according to Kolkata media, Chatradhar Mahato partially confessed about the huge amount of money collected as ‘donations’ and forced ‘levies’ during last ten months. It ran into crores. There was smooth flow of outside financial support also. Specific names of some of the financing persons and organizations have also come into light.

Fourthly, the committee and Chatradhar himself had regular contacts with a section of the anti-CPI (M) intelligentsia and even participated in a number of secret meetings in Kolkata too. Though it was no so secret to any observer, this revelation has apparently unnerved some of the intellectuals who, for some months now, have already been rewarded abundantly by the railway minister. These intellectuals have tried their best to claim that hey had no inkling of Chatradhar’s Maoist links.

This theory of delinking “People’s Committee” and the Maoists is the escape route for TMC supremo and the railway minister Mamata Banerjee herself. It was she who consistently demanded withdrawal of central para military forces from West Midnapur after the joint operations started. It was she who organised rally in support of this demand. The central ministers from her party went to Lalgarh to oppose the operations of joint forces. Even now, railway minister is completely silent about the terror unleashed by the Maoists. She was speaking in a manner which legitimizes the brutality of the Maoists.

This is in stark contradiction to the professed stand of the prime minister and the home minister.

The gruesome incident in Jharkhand has shattered the ‘delinking’ scheme. Maoists had offered to release the abducted inspector of the special branch of Jharkhand police, Francis Indwar in exchange for Kobad Gandhi, Chatradhar Mahato and Chandrabhusan Yadav. The inspector was later killed in an atrocious manner.

Meanwhile, more and more evidences of complicity of Maoist and TMC have come into light. This working partnership has been developing since the days of Nandigram agitation and the Maoists have consistently emphasized the necessity of working in tandem with TMC in their party documents. On the top of these, the Maoist leader M. Koteswar Rao alias Kishenji, in an interview to “Anand Bazaar Patrika” (on 4 October) has declared that they want to see Mamata Banerjee as the next chief minister in West Bengal. According to fanciful analysis of Kishenji, though the TMC has same class character like Congress, Mamata Banerjee, by the sheer force of her personality can override the barrier and can initiate radical reforms.

It remains to be seen how the leadership of UPA government reacts to such proximity of “greatest internal threat” (as repeatedly told by prime minister, home minister) and an important central minister.


The minor daughter of Late Srikanta Mondal of village Keochiya of Khejuri Block in West Midnapur district of West Bengal had been to the nearby field to catch fish from a running stream in the morning of last Sunday on 01-11-2009. While this student of class-VII was busy in her work, a Maoist-TMC action squad member named Sukumar held her from behind and raped her repeatedly on the spot.

She returned to her house bleeding and reported the matter to her widow mother and other relatives. The local people became very much agitated. There is much tension in the village. They wanted to report the matter to the concerned police station. But the Maoists and the criminals of TMC have threatened the victim and her relatives with dire consequences if they went to the police station to lodge a formal complain. The matter did not stop here. The Maoist-TMC criminals have been guarding her house day and night so as to prevent her from going to the police station. The house of the victim is still under their siege.

Similarly, Sunita Mondal, a school going minor girl was brutally raped, murdered and hanged from a tree by Maoist-TMC criminals in Nandigram in the recent past.

Mahasweta Devi and other ‘so-called’ intellectuals are still maintaining silence without condemning the gruesome incidents of violation of minor girls and murdering one of them. Is it because their beloved revolutionary Maoist-TMC action squad members have committed the rape and murder?


Commission received an intimation about women and children displaced by political violence before and after the Lok Sabha polls in East Medinipur from Paschim Banga Ganatantrik Mahila Samity on 26.4.09. The district administration does not have any records of these displaced women and children because they are not living in any official camps. However, from information given by the women's organisation mentioned above, we were able to meet about 40-50 such women and about a hundred such children in different places in Tamluk and Haldia on 20.6.09. The women are mostly from Nandigram, Khejuri and Bhajachauli and they left their homes either after the Panchayat elections or immediately before or after the Lok Sabha polls as a result of political violence. Some of them said that their houses have been burnt down or locked up after extensive looting, which has left them pauperized. There were two women in Haldia whose husbands have been brutally murdered. One was the wife of Khaleque Mallik of Garchakraberia and the other was Sakila Bibi, wife of Abdullah Khan of Jadubarichak. They are living in a state of extreme poverty with their children, some of whom are minors. They are now unable to go back home. We met Kanika Mondal of Sonachura, the mother of teenaged Sumita Mondal, who had been raped and murdered two years ago. Kanika Mondal, with her husband, are afraid of going back. We met a disabled girl Asma, daughter of Abdul Khaleque, whose wheelchair has been destroyed in the attack. In Tamluk, Ranu Dhali of Jahanabad, Khejuri- I, reported that her husband's limbs have been broken and he is under treatment. Riktata Das Mondal of Keyakhali, Satengabari, Nandigram - II, is a Group D staff at Takapura, Baikuntha Balika Vidyalaya. Since she is unable to reach her workplace, she is afraid that her job may be terminated. Commission members advised her to immediately apply to the DI, School Education, Purba Medinipur, apprising the authorities of her situation in writing. Gauri Das, whom we met in Haldia, is an Anganwadi assistant from Kalicharanpur, GP - 9, and is also afraid of losing her job because of prolonged non-attendance. She was advised to report to the CDPO in writing. Many of the women informed us that their family has been torn apart because in some cases the husbands and/or some of the children had to be left behind. Some of them had been living in camps in Khejuri or Bhajachauli for quite some time, but after these camps were burnt down or occupied by armed miscreants they became displaced again. Some of them had some agricultural land or small business but the violent situation has led to a sudden loss of livelihood. Those who were able to, have shifted to relatives' houses in other parts of the state. But about one thousand persons are at present completely homeless and destitute. The school-going children are not going to school any more and the meagre amount of food in the unofficial camps is not sufficient for the nutrition of the children. Most of the women said that in spite of the criminal activities of looting their houses, arson, murderous attacks and enforced displacement, they are frightened of lodging FIRs with the police because they are afraid for the safety of their near and dear ones who are still in the areas under attack. We found women who had come to the camp only very recently, but some like Anju Dhara and her daughter-in-law Pratima Dhara have been moving from one camp to another for the last one year. Pratima's son Ranjit had been studying at Ramakrishna Mission school but has had to be withdrawn because they have no income.

Terror and despair were written large on the faces of the women we met. All of them belonged to settled households and had some or other livelihood. They are not used to living on doles. This is why their agony and despair is all the more pronounced. The effect that this situation is having on children of a tender age is terrible. However, the political situation in the Nandigram area is still so violent that we do not know whether these women and children will ever be able to return home. The main problem is that the administration is not only unaware of their plight, but can give very little immediate relief. The Commission has noted time and again that political violence and instability always lead to women and children being most vulnerable. It seems that in West Bengal such violence and instability has increased sharply in recent times. The Commission visited Nandigram during earlier incidents of violence and made recommendations to the Government to bring relief to affected women regardless of party affiliations. In Lalgarh, while giving its own investigation report on alleged police atrocities, it had also brought to the attention of the Government complaints of 'Maoist' violence on women. In this case also, we urge upon the Government to see that governance is restored in areas of Nandigram where political violence is going on, enabling the displaced to return home.


1. We recommend that the district administration may identify women and children victims of political violence in the Nandigram area irrespective of their political affiliations and make some minimum immediate arrangements for relief such as clothes, medicines, ICDS services for children and some temporary arrangements for schooling for the children.

2.. Those whose houses were burnt down might get some relief from the disaster management fund.

3. So far as those who have some employment are concerned, it should be ensured that they do not lose their jobs because of enforced absence.

4. The most important thing is that the administration should see that the law and order situation is improved, and all bonafide residents of an area, whatever their party affiliation, may be allowed to return home.

West Bengal Commission for Women


At the deaths of Rizwanur Rehaman in Kolkata and 14 people at Nandigram, Mahasweta Devi and her team of perverted intellectuals human rights activists had organized candle processions, rallies, seminars, meetings and conventions. All of them performed feats and tricks of jugglery and sang & danced to the tune set by the imperialists, international finance capital and big business houses. They compared Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee with Hitler and Narendra Modi and gave a call for change (Parivartan) in West Bengal during last Parliamentary Elections held in May, 2009.

More than 300 innocent people including landless labourers, peasants, grocers, teachers, doctors, nurse, government officials, police personnel, artisans etc. have already been butchered by Maoist-TMC Alliance in the last few months. Many women including school going girls have been raped and some of the victims murdered by Maoist-TMC goons. Even a 73-year-old woman Saifunissa has been murdered by them. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless and jobless by TMC-Maoists. The victims have been passing their days in agony in refugee camps.

But the hypocritical intellectuals belonging to ‘Sushil Samaj’ ‘Nagarik Samaj’ ‘Biddwajan’ and ‘Swajan’ have been shamelessly maintaining criminal silence. Even many of them support brazenly these atrocities.

The people of the country have recognized these pseudo intellectuals and their fraudulent character and politically biased activities.

It is high time that Medha Patkar, Mahasweta Devi and others come forward immediately to condemn all these brutalities perpetrated by Maoist-TMC criminals in the interest of their neutrality and humanity.


The brutality and inhumanity of the coward and impotent killers of Maoist-TMC Alliance backed by imperialists, international finance capital, big business houses, ‘pseudo’ intellectuals and politically motivated media do not spare even innocent minor children who are yet to see the world.

· The hired criminal Maoists murdered cruelly a 4-year old girl Priyanka Mahato at Shalboni, Medinipur (W) on 31-05-02 for unfortunately being the daughter of a CPI (M) supporter.

On January 3, 2007 the husband and two young sons of Kanika Mandal were forced to flee from their home in Sonachura, Nandigram. She and her younger daughter Sunita, a Class 9 student, continued to live in the village under constant threat. On February 10 at around noon mother and daughter were working in the fields when Sunita returned early to the house. When Kanika came home she found her daughter raped and killed by Maoist-TMC squad members. The medical report confirmed the rape.

On March 3, 2007 Kakoli Giri of village Kalcharanpur, Nandigram was gangraped by Maoists. The medical report confirmed rape.

· The hired Maoist-TMC goons burnt to death Jharana Mandi and her 6-year old daughter Sumana Mandi on 26th February 2009 at Dhaniakhali in Hooghly district of West Bengal. Their only fault was that Sumana Mandi’s father is not only a tribal but is also a dedicated local CPI (M) leader.

· There is more in store. On 17th October 2009 Maoist-TMC leader Tapan Ghosh of Dhaniakhali murdered brutally Rahul Ruidas 9-year old son of CPI (M) supporter Ranjan Ruidas who happens to be a landless labour and works in the field of Tapan Ghosh.

· The minor daughter of Late Srikanta Mondal of village Keochiya of Khejuri Block in West Midnapur district of West Bengal had been to the nearby field to catch fish from a running stream in the morning of last Sunday on 01-11-2009. While this student of class-VII was busy in her work, a Maoist-TMC action squad member named Sukumar held her from behind and raped her repeatedly on the spot.

She returned to her house bleeding and reported the matter to her widow mother and other relatives. The local people became very much agitated. There is much tension in the village. They wanted to report the matter to the concerned police station. But the Maoists and the criminals of TMC have threatened the victim and her relatives with dire consequences if they went to the police station to lodge a formal complain. The matter did not stop here. The Maoist-TMC criminals have been guarding her house day and night so as to prevent her from going to the police station. The house of the victim is still under their siege.

Mahasweta Devi, Medha Patkar and other ‘so-called’ intellectuals are still maintaining silence without condemning the gruesome incidents of rape and murder of minor children. Is it because their beloved revolutionary Maoist-TMC action squad members have committed the rape and murder in the name of fighting for the cause of tribals?


Some sycophants and perverts try to term Mamata Banerjee as a firebrand leader. Is it really so? If anyone tries to look at her past and present track of records, he will find that she is nothing but a personification of indiscipline, destruction immoral principles, opportunism, conveniences, Fascism, arrogance, blatant lies and duplicity.

There is no denying the fact that wherever she goes, she accompanies with her a force engaged in destruction, obstruction, assault, hooliganism, rowdyism, loot, provocation, fire setting, murder, plunder and rape. She and her colleagues speak the language of the underworld.

The whole country saw how Mamata Banerjee and her perverted goons on the slightest pretext had destroyed the valuable property inside the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, again and again burnt all kinds of both public and private vehicles to ashes, damaged government offices and its properties worth crores and crores of rupees. She had obstructed railways tracks and National Highways for days together during Singur and Nandigram agitations including Durgapur Highway Express. She did not forcibly allow coming up industries and executing developmental works in the state.

The Indian Railways is in a mess under her. The safety and security of the passengers are in danger. In fact, her political friends the Maoists have a free hand in the railways.

Now, she is hell bent on burning the state by way of creating a reign of terror and complete lawlessness to facilitate paving way for the imposition of President’s rule so as to advance as early as possible the assembly elections scheduled to be held in 2011.

The Maoist Fascists with red flags, imperialists, international finance capital, big business houses, ‘pseudo’ intellectuals and politically motivated media back her dangerous mission and operation. The present violence taking place in Lalgharh, Khanakul, Nanoor, Mangalkote, Barasat and other parts of the state is nothing but part and parcel of this game plan hatched with Maoists, pseudo intellectuals and politically motivated media favouring her.

Friday, November 13, 2009


The German People and a section of the intelligentsia raised Hitler to power in 1933. Hitler became a dictator and plunged the whole of Germany into 2nd World War. At the end of the 2nd World War it was found that beside other losses at least one person from each and every family had lost his life as a result of the war.

Indira Gandhi created Bhindranwale and installed him at the Amritsar Golden Temple to counter the Akali Dal in Punjab Politics. Consequently, she had to repent by giving up her own life on 30th October 1984.

United States of America in collusion with Pakistan created Taliban to overthrow the Communist Government led by Nazibullah. Today Pakistan and its people are suffering immensely at the hands of Taliban.

Once, both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi had supported L.T.T.E. and allowed it to open training centers on the soil of the country. Ultimately, Rajiv Gandhi had to pay high price by way of sacrificing his own life.

The people sitting at the helm affairs in New Delhi once supported the splinter groups of Kashmir to counter Seikh Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah and his party. Today Kashmir suffers for the same.

In North-East separatists were once supported to create problems for the opposition led governments. The country has still been paying for the same.

The ruling party at the centre and its allies has not learnt any lesson from the past. Mamata Banerjee and her associates have brought Maoists into West Bengal and have been supporting all separatist forces to dislodge the ruling Left Front Government. These irresponsible political leaders have forgotten that politics will not end with the removal of the Left Front Government. The Frankenstein that they have created today for undermining the Leftists in order to gain electoral gains will also haunt them in future and will have to face the same fate in the coming days as those of the present day victims.


Many possessed so far an impression that Shri P. Chidambram is a man of principle, integrity and functions above party lines. His fight and caution against Maoist menace in the country is genuine and guided by national interest. But his recent irresponsible, narrow and politically motivated utterances and brazen distortion of facts have shattered all these impressions.

He is the Home Minister of the country. So, he must have enough proof from his own intelligence source that Mamata Banerjee is actively hand in gloves with the Maoists. It is seen that the TMC and SUCI workers are openly working with the Maoists everywhere. The insurgence of Maoists in Nandigram, Singur, Arambagh, Mangalkote, Jangalmahal and other areas could not have been successful without the active help of the Railway Minister. It is an open secret that in Kolkata also Maoists are organizing rallies, processions, seminars and meetings in collusion with TMC and SUCI workers in broad daylight. The hijacking of the Rajdhani Express at Banstala Railway Station was no exception to this. The role played by the Indian Railways is sufficient to prove the nexus between Mamata Banerjee and the Maoists.

There is no denying the fact that the Left Front Government is the biggest obstruction to the implementation of Privatization, Globalization and Liberalization followed by the UPA Government. West Bengal is the only state where land reforms have been implemented successfully. Apart from this, the Coalition Government has been running successfully for the last 32 years. Elections to all local bodies are held democratically and timely. It is standing as an exemplary political formation and pillar of the mainstream leftists. The Congress Party believes in one party rule. So, removal of the Left Front Government is necessary not only for the Central Government but also for the imperialists, foreign finance capital and landlords to pave way for their own vested interests.

The aim and objective of P. Chidambram, Mamata Banerjee and the Maoist leader Kishanji is one and same that is removal of the Left Front Government and installation of Mamata Banerjee as the next Chief Minister of West Bengal anyhow and at any cost. So, all of them have been working in unison covertly and/or overtly to undermine the same.

In spite of knowing fully that only the CPI (M) is the victim of the brutalities committed by the Maoists along with TMC and SUCI, he most irresponsibly commented that the Maoists and the CPI (M) are friends. His words supporting the collaborators of a banned organization are guided by narrow political considerations for obtaining electoral gains at the cost of the nation. It is also aimed at to demoralize or maneuver the joint forces fighting against the Maoists; otherwise why it could not yet bring the Maoist activities in Jangalmahal under control. This sort of anti-national attitude on his part is unbecoming of a Home Minister. Moreover, his so-called fight against Maoists is nothing but eyewash; otherwise he would not have played this sort of duplicity and fraudulence with the nation. It proves beyond doubt that the nation is not safe at the hands of this gentleman who himself is politically biased, prejudiced and unfair.

He must keep in mind that in the same manner Indira Gandhi had created Bhindranwale and installed him at the Amritsar Golden Temple to counter the Akali Dal in Punjab Politics. Consequently, she had to pay price by giving up her own life on 30th October 1984 at the hands of Khalistanis.

As a matter of fact, the Maoist problem in West Bengal is a joint venture of P. Chidambram, Mamata Banerjee and the Maoist leader Kishanji aiming at destabilizing the Left Front Government consisting of the mainstream Leftist parties.