Saturday, August 15, 2009


Indian Central Ministers openly supporting, guiding and assisting Maoists
The Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCC) and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) People's War Group (also known as the People's War Group or PWG) merged to form a new entity, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on September 21, 2004.Its declared objective is overthrowing 'the bureaucrat comprador bourgeois and big landlords classes who control state power in collusion with imperialism' and 'to establish in its place the New Democratic State under the leadership of the proletariat' with the ultimate aim of establishing socialism and communism.It believes in the 'annihilation of class enemies' and in extreme violence as a means to secure organizational goals. The new entity has reaffirmed its commitment to the strategy of 'protracted armed struggle' which defines its objectives not in terms of the seizure of lands, crops, or other immediate goals, but the seizure of power through guerrilla warfare. Within this perspective, participation in elections and engagement with the prevailing 'bourgeois democracy' are rejected, and all efforts and attention is firmly focused on 'revolutionary activities' to undermine the state and seize power.As part of its strategy, the CPI-Maoist fiercely opposes the mainstream communist parties, the CPI and the CPI (M). Its members and cadres have been declared class enemies.In a press statement dated October 14, 2004, General Secretaries of the Central Committee of the two outfits, Kishan of the MCC and Ganapathi of the PWG, declared that"The immediate aim and programme of the Maoist party is protracted people’s war with the armed seizure of power encircling the cities from the countryside and thereby finally capturing them."The CPI-Maoist points out that in India the ruling classes, subservient to imperialism, have transformed the country into a prison-house of nationalities under the so-called slogan of "unity and integrity" of the country. It, therefore, unequivocally supports the ‘nationalities struggles’ going on in various parts of the country such as “Gorkhaland’ and ‘Kamtapuri’ agitations for separate homeland and armed struggle in Kashmir.The armed force of CPI (Maoist) operates under the name of Peoples’ Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA). It is estimated to have a regular army of 7500 armed cadres and around 6000 firearms, including a large number of rifles of AK variety, light machine guns, self-loading rifles, carbines, 303s, grenades, revolvers, pistols, and landmines technologies. It also has a technical squad, which manufactures 12-bore guns and its ammunitions, repairs all kinds of weapons and assembles grenades.The outfit is active in 156 districts of 13 States that include Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Uttaranchal and Kerala. The outfit has also been making attempts to establish and expand its presence in several other States such as Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.Its objective of 'liberating' the proposed Compact Revolutionary Zone (CRZ) extends from Nepal through Bihar in the North to Dandakaranya region (forest areas of Central India) and Andhra Pradesh in the South. The intention is to have a continuous stretch of territory under their influence and control, with the ultimate goal of eventually "liberating" the entire zone to create a state within a state. Large parts of this territory have already been brought under the extremist influence with only some link-ups now necessary in the remaining pockets to make the CRZ a reality. Once achieved, the CRZ will virtually drive a wedge through the vital areas of the country, and would help crystallize linkages with other Maoist groups operating in South Asia, including the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) and the Communist Party of Bhutan-Maoist (CPB-M).The brutal mass killing of poor people, government officials and police personnel in Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the country is a part of their gruesome strategy.The present turmoil at Lalgarh is the creation of CPI (Maoist). “Peoples Committee against Police Oppression” under the leadership of Chattradhar Mahato is an open mass organization of the Maoists. This platform is jointly shared by Maoists, Fascist TMC, SUCI, Congress and other forces politically opposed to the CPI (M) and the Left Front Government in West Bengal. Their one and only aim is to destabilize the Left Front Government. The brutal killing of the CPI (M) leaders, members and sympathizers is aimed at to create terror and panic in the entire state. Most of the victims are poor tribal people. Not even a single Zamindar or a capitalist killed.Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, has therefore rightly cautioned that the CPI (Maoist) is the greatest threat to the internal security of the country. The Cabinet is a collective responsibility. But it is most surprising and ironical that one of his Cabinet Ministers and five Ministers-of-State of the Union Government of India are in close and active collaboration with the Maoists for gaining petty political ends. It is an open secret that some of them even visited Lalgarh on 28th July, 2009 to guide and encourage the Maoists without considering national interest. Their open support to them is not only anti-national but also anti-people. The role of the Union Government under Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Home Minister is therefore most dubious and mysterious.All right thinking and democratic minded people throughout the country, therefore, must rise to the occasion to fight the horrible menace of so-called Maoists functioning in the guise of “Peoples Committee against Police Oppression” in order to maintain and preserve national integration and unity.


In a very short period of few months, only in West Midnapore district of West Bengal, the rainbow alliance of CPI (Maoists) and Fascist TMC exploded 40 landmines. 111 persons have been murdered brutally by them. Out of these 111 persons, 74 were CPI (M) leaders and cadres. Out of these 74 persons, 25 were poor tribals. Out of these 25 tribals, 16 were Santhals and 9 Lodhas. Again, out of 111 murdered persons, 19 were Mahatos, 8 Scheduled Castes, 3 minorities, 5 teachers, 4 employees, 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 potter, 1 Chow Dancer, 1 Santhal Artist, 1 erstwhile well known football player, 2 ration dealers, 2 election workers and 2 drivers. The poor CPI (M) leaders and cadres were garlanded with shoes and cow-dung cakes. Are all they class-enemies? Are all they capitalists or Jamindars? Not even a single capitalist or Jamindar has been murdered by Maoists whereas most of the leaders of CPI (Maoist), TMC and opposition are local land lords and rich peasants.


Dr.Manmoan Singh has again and again declared ‘Maoists” as the greatest threat to the internal security of the nation. But his one Cabinet Minister and six Ministers-of-State openly support Maoists, keep close contact and hold regular meetings with them. These ministers not only frequently demand withdrawal of joint operation against Maoists but also some of them even visited Lalgarh in person recently to embolden Maoists to carry on their destructive activities and mass killings. What Dr. Singh has to say about the activities of his Ministers? The function of cabinet is a collective responsibility. The role of the UPA Government is, therefore, nothing but dubious, full of duplicity, antinational, treacherous, dishonest and fraudulent. The objective of destabilizing a duly constitutionally elected state government and encouraging terrorist outfits is aimed at to achieve some petty political gains at the cost of the nation as was done in Sri Lanka, Punjab, Kashmir and other states in India by Congress Party.


Maoist Terror on Tribal People at Lalgarh, West Bengal – Till 10-08-2009 under-mentioned mostly poor and downtrodden Tribals have been slaughtered by Maoists in collusion with TMC-Congress-SUCI-Imperialists in the name of so-called ‘revolution’ - Durga Deshwal, Santosh Mahato, Ashim Mondal, Hambir Mandi, Shakti Sen, Gopinath Murmu, Maikunth mahato, Bibhuti Singh Sardar, Manu Singh, Dinesh Mahato, Mamoni Kisku, Salku Soren, Shankar Tudu, Ashit Samanta, Naru Samanta, Prabir Mahato, Niladri Mahato, Anil Mahato, Avijit Mahato, Badal Ahir, Dubraj Soren, Dasarath Soren, Chaitanya Soren, Gurucharan Mahato, Baren Mahato, Swapan Deb Singha, Tarini Singh, Gangadhar Mahato, Jaladhar Mahato, Ashok Ghosh, Shaktipada Murmu, Ashin Soren, Budhu Hansda, Jhant Soren, Nadu Samanta, Asit Samanta, Fagu Baske, Sagar Masant, Nirmal Mahato, Shankar Das Adhikari, Gunadhar Singh, Manik Mondal, Kashinath Mishra and Ramkrishna Duley. Not even a single capitalist or zamindar murdered.
What a modern model of revolution! Bravo Maoists! The WB Governor is silent on this terror of Maoists.